Monday, May 08, 2006

you are a radio

I am stalling for more time to complete further essays, so I am offering you one of my poems this week:


Whose circuitry can be positively or negatively affected
according to which station you're attuned to

You have no off button
and you are always attuned to one station or another

You have the power within you to change your station
to one better and healthier

There are powerful forces at work to keep you
from understanding this choice
by enslaving you to expedient pleasures
making Stillness the enemy
as they offer their wares
as the antidote to your boredom and restlessness --
all the while selling these wares as essential
to your liberation and "individuality"
(liberating you from your inner life
and the conscious capacity you might otherwise have
to master your "radioness")

so that you will be uwittingly attuned
to what these forces want
while they avoid the scrutiny that they
would otherwise have for your circuitry
or the competition they would otherwise have with
other, healthier radio stations.

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