Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Greg's aphorisms

Here is a sampling of my proverbs and aphorisms for your amusement while I work on more stuff.


You grow old the day you lose your ability to dream.

Cut off circulation to one part of your soul and
you risk spreading gangrene to the rest.

Art is a sweet nectar to wash down harsh truths.

Money won't buy you happiness, it'll just get you to heaven or hell faster.

Sanity is an ephemeral place between desire and reality.

If people ridicule you, remember that morally
obtuse people often have short memories.

Real revolutionaries are those who live lives
of beautiful, stark and uncompromising balance.

Art is that which unveils the world you’ve always known but never noticed.

An emotion is a thought embryo.

Insensible people feel oppressed when compelled to do sensible things.

If you distilled the hard lessons from cautionary tales
in the storytelling arts you would arrive at most of the ten commandments.

What some call being “deep” I call being awake.

People who are chronically bored are also chronically boring.

An idle mind is the devil’s handiwork.

Mundanity is an illusion for those numbed out of their ability to be observant.

There are two kinds of people in the world: the people who
successfully execute their visions and those who work for them.

People who can’t “do” criticize.

Hope is for those who don’t have the luxury of being cynical.

“Don’t get defensive!” Sure. As long as you are not offensive.

Cleverness is the ability to get what you want.
Wisdom is the ability to want the right things.

Fashion is fierce politics cloaked in mundanity.

There is an extent to which you become like that which you attack.

Finding joy in life is the precursor to being thankful.

A life of peace is one spent dancing with extremes but not succumbing to them.

When contracted to do tasks for you, many humans (though they may have adult bodies, experience, and degrees) require baby-sitting on your part.

A life well lived requires both a sense of mission and a sense of journey.

A life lesson from white water rafting: when headed toward a rock,
lean into it – if you lean away you will likely flip over.

The spirit of the law is a Van Gogh painting that
the letter of the law tries to reproduce with a dot-matrix printer.

Common sense is a ridge that lies at the top of two slippery slopes.

Questioning can be a path to new knowledge.
It can also be a tactic to make a fool or a scoundrel seem wise.

Markets often go where ideologies fear to tread.

Being calm can often inspire more fear than being bombastic.

Insensitivity can, at times, mimic strength.

Among intellectuals, irony is over-rated and sentimentality is under-rated.

Victory favors the just.

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