Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Comment at

Here is a comment that I made at on the topic of modesty using the moniker GW. I respond directly to a person's comments. This person does care about modesty and that's good. However, based on her comments, if she is ever in charge of a ministry, I will be sure not to send men to her church who are struggling with lust, since she expects men of God not to have those struggles.


Madison said...

Hi Greg,

This is actually just a general post that I wanted to leave. I'm not all that familiar with blogging, and couldn't find a section for just a general comment.

In any case, my name is Madison and I used to work with your cousin Jackie. She had suggested I check out your blog and if I understand any of it, to respond. Well, while it may be a bit verbose in sections, it is pretty easy, and can be very thought provoking.

I was actually though, quite curious about your views on the tribulation. Are you pre- trib, mid- trib, post? This is a pretty heavy, not to mention controversial topic and something that I pray about quite frequently. You seem to do a lot of thinking and are quite knowledgable in many areas, so I thought I'd see what your opionion was.

Just curious...

God Bless,

greg wertime said...


To be honest, I don't think all that much about pre-trib vs. post-trib issues. What is important is that Jesus will return and we must be diligent in our affairs and in our hearts. I've not found that speculating on the specifics of the end times is very profitable. I am more interested in the "rock in my shoe" issues: the things that are bothering me and challenging me in the world and in the church right now in 2007.

I have written on some of my thoughts on the book of Revelations in terms of what I think is important for people to guard their hearts in the here and now.


PS. Good to hear from you. Jackie told me about you when I visited her back East a few months ago.