Friday, June 05, 2009

More aphorisms

  • A thing has value if someone values it, no matter how mean or insignificant the item is or how mean and insignificant the person appears to be.

  • While a certain degree of cerebral maturity comes with age, moral maturity is not guaranteed by age. One must work at gaining moral wisdom.

  • A lizard can be fearless, but it takes a human to have courage, since to have courage you must have the capacity to see your fear within and put it aside.

  • Show me one who thinks that those on the other side of a controversial issue from him are thoughtless and I’ll show you one who likes to think that he thinks more than he actually thinks.

  • That which is a source of your pleasure is that which is gaining your allegiance.

  • You commit an original sin the day you first promote yourself at another's expense. It remains as a mark on your soul and character until the day you are contrite about it. It remains and outstanding offense until you apologize.

  • When someone denies the existence of an evil, remember that it is often a tactic used by those who wish to promote it.

  • Making a false distinction between people leads to injustice. So too does making a false equality.

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