Sunday, January 03, 2016

Aphorisms 2011 to 2015

Here is a collection aphorisms that I have posted on Facebook spanning 2011 to 2015:

·      -- Masculinity is like fire:  submitted to God it can be an instrument of light, protection, provision and warmth.  It is dangerous if it rages uncontrolled and but is also dangerous if it is quenched.

·      -- It is not necessarily a good thing that someone is "standing up" for what they believe.  Standing up for what you believe is like entering the boxing ring.  If you are trained and prepared you stand the chance of representing yourself and your cause well.  If you are not, you risk damaging yourself and your cause.

·      -- Accept the world you are in, but not the world as it is.

·      -- To fear the Lord is the alpha of wisdom.  To enjoy the Lord is the omega of wisdom.

·      -- Arrogance is to assume that what you don’t see isn’t there. Humility is to assume there is more there than what you see.

·       -- Leadership is the ability to help others connect the small picture with the big picture.

·       -- Attention to detail is love.

·       -- Empathy is the soul of wisdom.

·        -- "Cutting the rock with water" is the act of applying continual, 
         persistent low impact pressure to solve a hard problem, wearing it 
         down until it cracks and breaks.

·        -- Solving a problem with art is superior to solving it with force.

·         -- A wise man is slow to offer advice on how to run the place when he's newly arrived.

·          --   A person who has “class” has it as a byproduct of being excellent in the right things, of  having the right character. A person who is pre-occupied with “having class” only succeeds in being a snob.


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