Monday, February 22, 2016

A Theology on the Genesis of Knowledge

When God made Man in His Image, He, being beyond space and time, did not give Man His full omniscience, but He did give Man, a being in space and time, a partial endowment of His omniscience – that of omniscient pre-knowledge, such that when Man saw something he had never seen before, a part of him could nonetheless recognize it and have the authority to name it.   Having been so endowed, Man would be driven to consummate his pre-knowledge with full knowledge, and find delight each time a new piece of full knowledge was brought into perceivable space and time.  Earth would be the stage for this process, and it was Man’s endowment of pre-knowledge and the built-in drive to consummate it with full knowledge that would be the driving engine for Man to take dominion over the earth.  By doing so, Man would delight in and better know the Creator as the Author of all that there was to know. 

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