Saturday, June 10, 2006


Another poem


In desperation
I put my forehead onto the hard-packed ground
to let God plant a seed
beneath muted rage and concrete

It was in that moment that I looked up
and saw the haze
of joyless pleasure and ennui all around me
as a pall of sickly yellow
that made the sun overbearing
and made the city a suffocating hothouse
as the sun cast shadows across sullen faces
making their profiles pass darkly
over the concrete underfoot

It was in that moment
that I saw God's spirit
as a clearing being made in the haze around me
and I saw through the air
as it became fresh and crisp
as the sun shone straight from heaven
and onto the crusts of hardened hearts
and gave odd patches of grass and trees
--that push daily against the city concrete--
the purest hue of dazzling green

I was in that moment
that I felt the air on my lungs
as fresh hope
as God began to clear
my heart and my sinuses

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