Sunday, June 04, 2006

Times Change

Another poem

Times Change

In these times
too many in the world
have become part of the Supercomputer
commonly known as
"the times"

sexual titilation
is treated as a cocoa leaf--
something to be chewed on
to give a continuous nip of pleasure
to boost a dull day,
people seek freedom and individuality
consuming products
that erode contemplative space,
"Who's to say?"
is the philosphy
that can make an ignoramous sound wise,

When I tried explaining to them
that the "times"
were not necessarily changing for the better,
they simply deferred to the wisdom
of the supercomputer
(that is sorting it all out for them -- besides who am I anyway)
saying, "times change"

So, now,
all I can do
in these times
is to lie in my room
like Jonah
in the belly of a blighted age
and give birth
to a new vision of the world

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