Sunday, June 18, 2006

Prayer in the Atom Smasher

Another poem,

Prayer in the Atom Smasher

In the wrecking room
that has become the space inside me,
I am convulsing with something
far deeper than mere displeasure.
No, the very nature of matter must change
and Time must be ripped a new ass

So I whip the fibers of my mind
until they are stripped of all inertia
and let the fury of my rage
rip away any remaining links
in my consciousness
to the realm of all that is banal
so that the Pnuemosphere
of God's spirit,
that is omnipresent yet invisible to Mundane Man,
will have room to traverse dimensions
and enter through
the oscillating membrane of my consciousness
and winnow the fabric of space-time
at its sub-atomic level

And just as the toxic acid
generated from this combustion
is about to cut the linings of my innards like glass
God leaps off of the pages of history and memory
and alters the nuerochemical matter within me
through an intimate miracle
of peace

And, in that moment,
I know, with a sentience that comes before knowing,
that God has altered space-time
and tilted history
just enough to let the fury
of this conation within me
until the next time
I'm compelled to pray
in the atom smasher

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